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Round One Begins!
slashmememod wrote in st09slashmeme


Welcome to the first round of the Star Trek (2009) XI Reboot [whatchamacallit] SLASH MEME!

Here's how it goes:

1. Person A submits a prompt in a comment in answer to this post. Person B writes a fic in a reply comment in response to Person A's prompt or provides a link in a reply comment to Person A's prompt.

2. Specify what exactly you want/don't want in your fic. Make sure you clearly state the slash pairing you want.

3. This is both slash and femslash. Het is allowed as long as the slash has a greater/equal role.

4. Nothing above Teen for sexual content in a response comment, please provide link if it is explicit content.

5. No arguments. Period. That means no bashing of requesters, writers, actors, pairings, or work.



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PAIRING: Scotty/Chekov

Chekov is sick of waiting for Scotty to get around to asking him out, so he steps up to the plate.

Please no dub-con/non-con, bloodplay, scatplay, golden showers, or BDSM. Anything else is groovy.

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I'll take this one! It's not going to be sexual or anything, just so you know.


Ah, well. You can't have everything in life. But hey, if it's a lovely story, then it'll work for me. :D

Maybe I should've asked for plotty bits as well. Lesson learned! :D

You can submit as many prompts as you'd like (as long as they aren't all in a row LOL).

:D You'll have to bear with me since this is my first Scotty/Chekov!


Determination, Scotty/Chekov, Rated: G

Rated: G

What bothered Pavel Chekov more than beating around the bush was that there wasn't a bush to begin with. For weeks he had noticed Scotty watching him. The way he moved, the way he talked, absolutely everything. Pavel could clearly see the attraction in the older man's eyes. He may be young and somewhat naïve, but not stupid. He knew desire when he saw it.

He waited around for several days when he just knew that Scotty would ask him out. Maybe it was them being in Engineering almost completely alone when Pavel thought Scotty would say something. Or maybe it was at dinner in the deserted Mess Hall when Pavel had the feeling. Never did it happen.

Being one that followed the philosophy of 'If you want something done right, do it yourself', Pavel mentally prepared himself for asking Scotty out. He would be straight to the point, concise, and fully without question staccato.

So that Monday morning, Pavel marched down to Engineering as a man on a mission. There were plenty of engineers on duty at the time, but Pavel didn't mind. Most of them were his friends. Eventually he found Scotty and walked straight up to him.

"Mornin' Pavel," Scotty greeted him before catching the stubborn glint in Pavel's eye.

"Good morning, Scotty," Pavel replied courtiously, "May I ask I question?"

"Yes, go ahead," Scotty answered with an uncertain frown.

"Vill you go on a date vith me?"

Scotty's frown disappeared and was replaced by a grin, "Well, Laddie, I never thought you'd ask!"

Re: Determination, Scotty/Chekov, Rated: G

Okay, that was just cute. <3

Thank you!

eee, so cute.

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Re: Determination, Scotty/Chekov, Rated: G

You're welcome!


Kirk and Sulu meet up after the battle on the drill platform of the Narada, and one thing leads to another...

Please no scat/golden showers or non-con. Everything else is fair game.


Chekov has a few Russian ways of thanking the good doctor for his treatment of his sick patient.

Please no golden shower. Other than that, go for it. Thank you if this is answered.

Title: The Russian Way
Pairing: McCoy(Bones)/Chekov
Rated: T for liquor

It was a prickling at the back of his neck. A feeling that he was being watched, but not with just a normal stare, but more with hunger.

But every time he turned to look, no one was there. Well, there was always the normal nurse milling around, but no one significant.

There hadn't been anything big in the past few days that caused him too much stress. Well, almost anything. The adorable Russian kid had limped into the sickbay a little before midnight and had turned up with a sprained ankle, but there was nothing else.

Maybe the feeling was just his imagination. He couldn't tell, but he was paranoid, something he was known for.

Jim had asked him about it this morning, but he couldn't reply with an answer. There was no answer.

Bones sat now at his desk just inside the sickbay. Well, not his, but he could pretend so. No one was hurt, so he was bored. He could have tried getting a signal on the gorram broadcaster, but that required that he get up from his seat.

Before he could make the decision, though, he was stopped when someone entered the sickbay. His eyes automatically went up to see the cute ensign he had treated the other day. With a smile, he waved.

“Something wrong today?” he asked the boy. The Russian shook his head and instead pulled a chair up. He held a bag in his hand and he placed it on the desk.

“You look bored,” he commented in his thick accent.

“It's not very busy, I agree,” Bones replied with a shrug. He watched as the ensign pulled a bottle from his bag and his eyes widened.

“I can help you,” the younger said with a glint in his eye. Opening the bottle, he held it out towards Bones. “Drink.”

“Aren't you a little young to have that out?” Bones asked the ensign as he took the bottle. The boy was seventeen, if he remembered from the file. Pavel Chekov, Seventeen. Prodigy.

“In Russia, you're never too young.” And just like that, he spent the night getting drunk with the youngest member of Starfleet. Well, he was getting drunk, Chekov seemed to be doing just fine.

“You're pretty,” Bones muttered into soft brown locks. He didn't remember moving across the desk, but now he sat across the ensign's lap.

“I know.”

And all Bones wanted to do was wipe the smirk straight off of the Russian's face.

So he kissed him.

It must have been a Russian thing.

The Russian Way = Amazing

Aw, thank you very much for puttin' this up here. :D

It's lovely; I really enjoyed reading it! And it's great 'cause the drinking aspect is a spot on choice. Wonderfully done, sugar plum.

Re: The Russian Way = Amazing

It's the first thing I thought of when you posted "Russian". And thank you!


Asking the other man out. Can be either Bones asking Jim or Jim asking Bones. No sexual conduct, but innuendo is alright.

if you please
mc/k no sp/k please
wedding day jitters
pink champange
admiral archer's beagle

or how about
the thomas crowne affair mc/k style?

I'd love to see some Bones/Jim fluff. One of them has a bad day, the other goes about trying to make them feel better. Doesn't have to be anything sexual. Nice dinner alone instead of the mess, back rub, game of Go Fish? Just make it sweet.


(Deleted comment)

Re: Bones/Jim Jim/Spock


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