Round One Begins!


Welcome to the first round of the Star Trek (2009) XI Reboot [whatchamacallit] SLASH MEME!

Here's how it goes:

1. Person A submits a prompt in a comment in answer to this post. Person B writes a fic in a reply comment in response to Person A's prompt or provides a link in a reply comment to Person A's prompt.

2. Specify what exactly you want/don't want in your fic. Make sure you clearly state the slash pairing you want.

3. This is both slash and femslash. Het is allowed as long as the slash has a greater/equal role.

4. Nothing above Teen for sexual content in a response comment, please provide link if it is explicit content.

5. No arguments. Period. That means no bashing of requesters, writers, actors, pairings, or work.


It's Nearly Here!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Round One begins at midnight (American central time) and prompts will start flying! Are y'all ready? If you are let out a shout! Grab your LJ buddies and bring them over for prompt sharing! Remember: slash and femslash and no bashing! I'll repeat this later, but I'm just giving you a heads up! I'm still looking for layout artists and co-moderators plus people who are willing to advertise all across LJ about st09slashmeme!

A Bit Of Business To Tend To...

Also, I need volunteers for certain tasks!

A) Somebody to create a layout for this community (will receive maintainer access) since I am art-challenged. [Anybody can apply, I'll choose only one person though]

B) A co-moderator. [I'll select two people, preferably individuals of whom are online regularly]

If anybody would like to fill those positions, either comment here or send an email to

Your Mod: Cait

Rallying the troops

Ladies and gentlemen, don't forget to spread the word about st09slashmeme!

Post on your journal "Join st09slashmeme" or just have the name st09slashmeme on a separate post. Put it as an author's note on a fic or art like: "Check out st09slashmeme". Anything helps! Round One is in three days and have just over 20 people aware of this community as a watcher or as a member. It would be AWESOME if we could have double that number! So please, spread the name (and the wonders of slash)!

Thank you,
Your Mod: Cait